Welcome to SignageDetails.com

My name is John Nauta, founder and creator of SignageDetails.com and I am ecstatic to share all of my signage detail drawings and resources to help take your drawings to next level and create a sign package full of information and details capable of pulling permits, fabricating and installing your signs. Whether you’re a freelance graphic designer, production artist just entering the sign industry or a seasoned electrical sign designer, I am confident you will be able to find your typical section detail here within seconds. Having more than 22 years of experience in the sign industry I understand the frustrations, often daily, of searching through various files page after page only to realize I can’t find what I need. That is why I created SignageDetails.com. Here, I have removed the tedious search to find the right detail. Instead, with my easy format of filters, simply select your product, sign type, face, face retention, illumination, power supply, wall type, wall framing and Voila! There it is, just as fast as you were able to read my last sentence... what’s next? Download it. Another great benefit is that all details include the preferred method of install.
Signage Details wasn’t created for only sign designers. It was also built for anyone to help explain and illustrate their desired sign type. Whether you’re a business owner, architect, shopping center landlord, etc., Signage Details can help you. Permit expediters can quickly access details from their mobile device while at the city, email it and secure permits immediately over the counter. Of course, every city is different, and some may not allow it but to have the availability to access thousands of files at your fingertips within seconds is a game changer!
... and the best part? Signage Details continues to grow everyday with more details.

Productivity, Not Just Details.

I learned very quickly that jobs in the design department meant money spent but jobs in production meant money in the bank. My library of details can save business owners days and weeks of time throughout the year that will allow them to sign off jobs into production as quickly as possible and invoice their customers just as fast.
Design managers and graphic designers can use Signage Details as a learning tool. They can download and print all the files they want and dissect the details to better understand how a sign is manufactured and installed. It benefits everyone. As a manager I suggest printing out a handful at a time and spread them out on a table. Have your designers, one at a time, decipher the differences between the prints and point them out. Repetition is key and the faster they can recognize the differences, the faster they become in drawing customized details. There is no better way to learn something than to have visual tools accompanied with an in-depth discussion.
Why am I offering unlimited downloads? TIME! Like anyone else, I pride myself in working as efficiently as possible and I felt that each minute I spent looking for details was such a waste of productivity and I hated it! I have created filing systems for multi- million dollar companies that have saved tens of thousands of dollars in saving time but no matter what I did, I always had to open at least one file and look through page after page to get what I wanted. My obsession is your benefit and sure, you can download all the details I have available but try and save it in a manner you can find it in seconds, it’s daunting. Don’t waste your time because I already created it for you.


I want to help anyone I possibly can and there’s no better way to reach the masses than a website that can connect with anyone globally. I have had the privilege of designing signs internationally and they may differ from inches to metric but for the most part, a sign is just that, a sign, built the same way around the world. I have worked on projects as small as vinyl decals to pylon signs that tower over 120’ tall, from the smallest mom and pop shop, face lit channel letters to the iconic Mickey Fun Wheel at Disney’s California Adventure in Anaheim, CA., I have seen it all.

Now, after almost a quarter of a century accumulating a treasure trove of knowledge and expertise in the sign industry, its time for me to give back and share what I have learned. Signage Details will not only undoubtedly benefit the largest of sign companies but most importantly, the smaller sign companies, the laid-off sign designers (through no fault of their own like me) and freelance graphic designers that are having a hard time trying to take their sign design drawings to the next level but is missing that last crucial piece of information that I am offering here. Signage Details is dedicated to you at an affordable rate.