I also have comparable section details, but what sets Signage Details apart, making it stand out as particularly special or unique?

Signage Details is known for its quick adaptability to various field conditions, making the design process highly efficient. It includes the eight most common wall types in construction and seamlessly incorporates electrical access. Designers, who usually spend a whole day on revisions, can now complete each iteration in just seconds, transforming the speed and agility of the design workflow.

Why should I sign up for a membership when I only need one or two details?

Signage Details was crafted with the aim of providing business owners and freelance graphic/sign designers with the industry’s optimal section details, delivered the fastest way possible. Take John, the owner of Signage Details, for example. Even though he created all the original files and stores them on his computer, he faces challenges locating them quickly. As a customer of his own product, he finds it 10 times faster to use www.SignageDetails.com than attempting to organize over 30,000 files systematically. This efficiency not only saves time but allows him to offer competitive rates for design services. Business owners can expect a return on investment with Signage Details that exceeds their expectations.

You don’t have the letter return depth listed, what should it be?

Although a sign can be manufactured at any depth, there are typically two dimensions for illuminated signs, 5″ and 3″ and they are as follows:

Bulb Lit: 5″ total depth with face set back 3″

Dual Lit: 5″ total depth

Face Lit: 5″ total depth

Halo Lit: 3″ total depth

Neon Lit: 5″ total depth with face set back 3″

Non Lit: FCO letters are typically 1/4″, 1/2″, 3/4″ and 1″ thick, depending on letter height

Non Lit: Fabricated reverse channel letters are typically 3″ deep but the smaller the letters are, the more difficult they become to fabricate and therefore are reduced to 2″ or 1″.

You don’t have the spacer length listed, what should it be?

Spacer lengths typically range from 1″ to 1 1/2″. It’s important to note that a smaller a spacer length results in a tighter (smaller) halo effect. Additionally, spacer lengths should take into account the brightness of the light source, as a brighter light source allows for a longer length (larger halo effect). Signage Details has found that 1″ spacers are an ideal length.

How do I list the specifications like you have it in shown in your portfolio, sign permit drawing sample?

Signage Details finds it is easiest to just list the specifications as shown throughout your selection process but include returns and end with your power supply. Note that any signs including a halo effect should include clear lexan backs and spacers as shown in the section detail. Sample is as follows.

Manufacture and install dual illuminated channel letters.

Letters: Dual Lit channel letters

Face: Push thru acrylic with vinyl overlay (Add vinyl specifications)

Backs: Clear lexan for halo effect

Spacers: 1″ spacers painted to match wall surface

Face Retention: Routed out aluminum face painted (Add color specifications)

Returns: 5″ deep aluminum painted to match face retention

Illumination: White LED illumination

Power Supply: Remote power supplies

How much does Signage Details cost?

Individual files are available for purchase/download at $25 each, or you can opt for a one-year membership billed at $31.50 per month, starting after a complimentary first month. With the membership, you gain unlimited downloads and access to a vast library of over 30,000 details.

Can I cancel my one-year membership after signing up?

Upon signing up for a membership, a one-year commitment is required, and due to the nature of downloadable electronic files, this commitment must be adhered to. While cancellation requests are accepted, they will only take effect after the completion of your one-year commitment.

Error pops up when trying to open CDR file.

Because the CDR files are saved as an older version, an error may pop up when opening the file through Corel Draw. Instead, open the file directly via windows explorer or “the finder” for Apple users then copy the file and paste into your drawings.

I can’t log into my account.

Signage Details permits two IP addresses per account. If you encounter login issues, you can either log off the other device or reset your password. Afterward, attempt logging in again.

I can’t purchase my products from within the cart.

You may have another device logged in. you can either log off the other device or reset your password. Afterward, attempt your purchase again.

I downloaded the wrong a la carte file

Signage Details will gladly send you the correct file. Send all requests to info@signagedetails.com.

What is your price structure for custom electrical sign design services?

Take advantage of Signage Details’ limited-time promotional offer! The rate for custom electrical sign design services is now $25/hour, with a two-hour minimum for new jobs, totaling $50. On average, typical wall sign permit drawings require 2 hours, while more intricate monument and pylon sign construction drawings average between 4 to 8 hours.

What type of electrical sign design services does Signage Details provide?

Signage Details offers expertly crafted design drawings for Signage Permits, Channel Letters, Cabinets, Logos, Monument Signs, Pylon Signs, Shop/Production plans, and comprehensive Master Sign Programs.

Does Signage Details offer any other type of sign industry services?

Signage Details has established a robust network with some of the most reputable sign professionals across the United States. Our available services encompass a wide spectrum, including engineering, project management, permitting, manufacturing, installation, maintenance, lighting retrofit, and general services.

I can’t find the detail I need, what do I do?

Signage Details consistently expands its library of details and welcomes customer requests for specific additions. While we aim to include requested details in our online store, this process may take some time. If you require immediate assistance with an unavailable detail, please reach out for custom design services at info@signagedetails.com.

What font do you use in your details?

All original files were created using Corel Draw 2021, featuring the Helvetica Condensed font at 9 points.


electrical sign design services

With a wealth of experience spanning more than 25 years, Signage Details excels in precision, offering expertly crafted design drawings for Sign Permits, Channel Letters, Cabinets, Logos, Monument Signs, Pylon Signs, Shop/Production plans, and comprehensive Master Sign Programs.

Our design team takes pride in cultivating a rich portfolio, marked by collaborations with esteemed national chains such as Starbucks Coffee, McDonald's, Rubio's Coastal Grill, etc., and in particular for iconic destinations including Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood, and the vibrant Las Vegas Strip.

Signage Details extends an invitation to consider us as your preferred Electrical Sign Designer and we look forward to the opportunity to contribute to your upcoming projects.

For all inquiries, please contact us at info@signagedetails.com

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